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7 March 2024

Join us on our crowdfunding journey 

Read on to find out more about how you can get involved and kept up to date with our progress

We launched Insurance DataLab to solve the problem of finding credible, comparable and digestible data on the performance of insurance companies, and over the past couple of years we have built a platform that does just that. 

During that time, we have had some great support from the industry, and now want to take that to the next level by giving you the opportunity to share in our success. 

That’s why we are considering an equity crowdfunding campaign, which would give you the opportunity to own a piece of Insurance DataLab alongside our two co-founders Matt and Dan. 

But fundraising takes time and resources away from our team and mission, so we’d like to gauge the interest of our contacts and supporters before launching a full campaign. 

If you would consider investing, we would be very grateful if you could register your interest with Crowdcube – a leading crowdfunding platform. You’ll then be notified when we launch our campaign with full details of the opportunity on offer. 

The form does ask for a rough investment value – but don’t worry we won’t hold you to it! 

Register your interest in investing here 

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