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10 May 2023

EUI named as best broker in UKGI

The broker was one of eight firms to receive an Insurance DataLab Broker Gold Award for their performance over the last 12 months

The Insurance DataLab 2023 Broker Performance Report has named Admiral-owned EUI as the best broker in UKGI with a Broker Rating of 73%, making it the second time running the broker has received an Insurance DataLab Gold Award for its financial performance. 

RAC Financial Services, JCB Insurance Services, General Insurance Brokers (UK), Roanoke International Brokers, DCJ Group Insurance & Risk Management, Avantia and Payment Shield, have also been recognised as top performers, with each firm picking up an Insurance DataLab Broker Gold Award for 2023. 

RAC Financial Services, JCB Insurance Services and Roanoke International Brokers also have the honour of being two-time Gold Award winners.

Based on our own proprietary formula, devised specifically for this research (you can download a free digital version here), the report analysed 136 of the largest brokers in UKGI across three key metrics – profitability, growth and productivity. 

The research found that overall performance has remained steady over the last three years, with the market average Broker Rating standing at 52.2% for 2023 – a 0.4 percentage point improvement on the previous year. 

EUI outperformed the market average by a highly impressive 21 percentage points, driven by a particularly strong performance on profitability after it picked up a score of 85%. 

This score came after EUI reported a three-year aggregate EBITDA margin of 50%, up from 47% for the previous year. 

Meet the Best Brokers in UKGI 

  • EUI – 73% (highest-ranked broker overall) 
  • RAC Financial Services – 73% (highest-ranked broker with revenues between £100m and £500m) 
  • JCB Insurance Services – 72% (highest-ranked broker with revenues of less than £10m) 
  • General Insurance Brokers (UK) – 69% 
  • Roanoke International Brokers – 68% 
  • DCJ Group Insurance & Risk Management – 67% 
  • Avantia – 67% (highest-ranked broker with revenues between £10m and £100m) 
  • Payment Shield – 66% 

For any companies that would like to find out more about how they have performed against their competitors, this year we are offering tailored benchmarking reports. 

These reports will compare your company’s performance against your main competitors across each pillar that makes up the Insurance DataLab Broker Rating, as well as detailing where you sit relative to the wider market. 

Our premium benchmarking report will also go into deeper detail about the individual metrics that contribute to each pillar, including the three-year EBITDA margin, growth in both revenue and profit, average turnover per employee, and staff costs as a percentage of turnover. 

Further details of these reports can be found by contacting us at

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